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Al-Vita Nutrition | Buy Healthy Vitamins and Minerals
Al-Vita Nutrition | Buy Healthy Vitamins and Minerals

Multivitamin Chocolate

Multivitamins? In chocolate form, you ask? Yep! It’s not too good to be true.

Apart from being indulgently tasty, chocolate is a great delivery system for vitamins. Chocolate is prebiotic so supports the gut and enhances nutrient absorption.

Unlike tablet or capsule supplements, Choco Heroes don’t require water or to be taken alongside food, which is especially important for fat-soluble nutrients like vitamin D.

  • Choco Hero

    34.86  or 27.89  / month
    Multivitamin Chocolate Bites Get your daily dose of nutrition in one heavenly Choco Hero serving. Each delicious dark chocolate bite is a powerhouse of goodness, packed with 14 essential vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and Q10. Carefully developed to support every aspect of your well-being, Choc Hero is the tastiest broad-spectrum multivitamin that slips into a busy lifestyle.
    *NRV=nutrient referent values according to Annex XIII Regulation (EU) 1169/2011
    **NRV not established
    *** at the time of manufacturing


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